The little weaver of words 
meets Give the Kids
"Once upon a time, in a small town that still looked like a village, lived a tailor; a tailor who was unique for two reasons.
Firstly, because he was the only tailor in the town and made all the clothes for adults and children alike. The window of his small shop was full: blouses, cardigans, trousers, jumpers and turtle-necks, socks and hats, capes and coats, in all shapes and sizes. And his shop was always full of smiling customers who came and came again to choose, try on and shop.
But he was also unique for another reason; because he didn’t use threads and yarns to sow fabrics together or wool for his woollies. Instead he used his favourite material, a unique material… words. Words from stories, words from poems, from songs, from old tales and dictionaries and encyclopaedias. He chose the words carefully, from notepads and books that lived on his shelves next to the rolls of fabric. And he placed them next to each other, knitting the words together…
He looked through his thick glasses as the round letters, the o and the q knitted together, with the pointier x and k and i. In this way, word by word, he made entire sentences that joined the fabrics together or knitted scarves and hats…
And if he was making scarves and hats he’d knit using warm words such as: sunshine, summer, flame or fire. For thick jumpers he chose even warmer ones: oven, brazier, cinder, burn, scorch. And for very thick jumpers, those for very cold weather he sowed with even hotter words such as: fireplace and woodstove or love and hug..."
The Little Weaver of Words was launched in 2012.
With the cooperation of the GiveTheKids initiative, Metaixmio Publishing and the actor Gogo Brebou, we decided to turn the book's launching event in 8/12/2012, into a big gathering of clothes for children in need. After reading, story weaving and a little origami storytelling, we filled the ground floor of the Metaixmio building with bags of clothes and we a huge T-shirt with our thoughts on giving to others.