Si Sou Do or in a forgotten piano
a tuneful fable about diversity

written by Antonis Papatheodoulou
illustrated by Chariton Bekiaris
translated from greek by Chrissoula Papathanasiou
edited by Voula Antoniou & Katerina Mineschou
Published by the Hellenic General Secretariat for Youth 
& the Hellenic Youth Council 2006
What if all the keys on a forgotten piano started to form groups, to separate from each other? The white with the white. The black with the black. All the Do together, all the Re together... 
This story was written in 2006 and was freely distributed in thousands of copies in greek and english by the Hellenic Secretariat of Youth and the Hellenic youth Council with the illustrations of painter and sculptor Chariton Bekiaris.
Since then it has been used by kindergartens, schools, teachers and theatre groups all over Greece as a tool to promote diversity and inclusion. It has been transformed into theatre plays, musicals, animation movies and activities.
You can download the 2006 edition freely 
by clicking on the following links:
Si Sou Do
Student Animation Movie by the elementary School of Posidonia, Syros 2016 - 2017
Si Sou Do by the Musical School of Drama, 2014
Si Sou Do by the 1st Elementary School of Rethymnon, Crete