DINOsaur - ΔΙΝΩσαυρος
Give, give and give more and more 
or we will all become extinct
 Alexandra K*, Antonis Papatheodoulou
illustrated by Daphne Sivetidis
published by Patakis
Dinosaur. But when -on purpose- you spell it wrong in greek it becomes ΔΙΝΩsaur. From ΔΙΝΩ that means TO GIVE. 
What we created with Alexandra K* is not just a book. Or so we wish. It is a hero that came to inspire actions of giving to society, at schools and kindergartens.  
A hero that will dedicate each and every book of his adventures to a different NGO, raising funds for it's purposes and inspiring actions towards it's objectives. And our hero’s first book is published and supports Boroume the most active food saving NGO of Greece! Welcome Δινώσαυρος!